May 3, 2008

Blog Traffic Could Lead To Success

Most of my blogs are still young and still need enhancements and a lot of promotions to be known and be considered successful. I've been blogging for few months and I realized that updating and promoting blog is not as easy as it sounds. Blog requires a lot of time and effort in order to be successful. If you have a ton of budget for promotion and can pay someone else to do the hard work for you, then that is another story, of course. Most bloggers are self-made bloggers, blogging on their own and maintaining their contents mostly by themselves. For blogs that have good amount of visitors, these blogs success surely didn't happen overnight.

Here are some common ways that most bloggers do in order to improve their rankings and exposure in the world wide web:

Directory Submission. There are plenty of websites that are developed as directories. And with the growing popularity of blogs, a lot of these directories have categories mainly for just blogs. Each blog will be listed in the categories depending on the topic and content of the blog. So if you have a blog, why not submit it to blog directories in order to expose your blog to more audience. There are a lot of internet surfers who rely in categorized directories to find sites that they are interested in because they usually get more accurate and relevant results.

Search Engine Submission. Can you imagine having a blog about lighting, and every time internet surfers will enter the keyword lighting in the search engine such as Google, Yahoo, or MSN, you are on top of the list? If there are one million people type the word lighting in a single day, and your website link is on top of the search engine, then the chances that your link being seen and getting click is very very high, if not extremely high. So it is necessary that your blog will be included in the search engine if you dream of having tons of traffic in your blog or site!

Pay Per Click Advertising. I would like to relate Pay Per Click marketing to the phrase: It takes cash to get cash. If there are so many competing websites that are similar to yours, then you might have to take an extra step to stand out in the crowd, by paying for marketing. Just like traditional advertising, you pay for exposing and displaying your business and companies. With Pay Per Click, companies who offer their services post your links or ads to related websites, and every time a person see your posted ad, click it and go to your website or blog, you pay for such click, so it is like paying every person that enters your gate. A lot of times, Pay Per Click works and give you traffic because your ads will usually be displayed in related websites in mostly noticeable and visible locations of the page.

Easier said than done, but if you work hard enough to achieve at least one of the above methods, you have better chances of gaining traffic in the end, so all the hard work or cost may be worthwhile.

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