June 15, 2012

Exploring Google Drive

Few months ago (around April 2012), Google recently introduced Google Drive, which allows you to store data in the Cloud. Google Drive is a method or a means of storing your digital files in the Cloud (up there) so that you have ways of accessing your digital data pretty much everywhere without physically carrying your hard disk or storage memory wherever you go.

Here is a quick introduction to what you can actually do with Google Drive:

One major advantage of Google Drive is that you can access you digital files (documents, images, photos) anywhere, everywhere. It is also great to use as a backup system of all your digital files incase something ever happen to your computer drive and all your precious data will be gone. Having a backup files with Google Drive, you can easily access them at anytime should you need it to retrieve your data.

Using Google Drive should not be difficult since most of us are familiar working with Windows navigation, dragging and dropping files from one folder to another.

Here is a short explanation of how Google Drive works:

You might still be able to get a limited drive space for free with Google Drive, but if you want to upgrade to bigger memory size you should be able to upgrade depending on your need and budget.

Here is a video review about Google Drive:

Read more about Google Drive here.

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