January 31, 2008

Acceptable Topics For Your Blog

Blogging these days is definitely growing and becoming more and more popular, not only to people who like to write a journal and keep a personal diary of their day to day living and experience, but as well as for several different companies and businesses who realize this new valuable online tool, blogging, that allows them to reach out to more costumers and more people. Gone are the days that blogging is just a diary to write down their day to day personal experiences and family stories, blogging has reach new heights, where its becoming a method of advertising for products and services for some businesses and companies, giving bloggers plenty of opportunity to earn while blogging.

But if you own a blog and want to tap into these growing new way of advertising, by writing articles and postings that are sponsored. It is so easy and tempting to jump in to every opportunity that comes along, and just accept whatever topic comes in your way. If your blog is about travel, or garden, but you came across an opportunity to write about gaming or medical stuff, are you willing to accept such opportunities just to earn some dollars?

I personally think that if you have blog with very specific topics, you should always try to retain that specific topic, and you only accept writing jobs and advertising that are related to your specific topic. If your blog or site is not a general topic, because you originally intended to write certain topic like makeup, or decorating, or animals, then it might not a good idea to add a post there that talk about online gaming, or surgery, etc. If you do this, your blog will lost focus and your unrelated contents may possibly turn off your readers and viewers specially when its totally off-topic. In trying to earn few dollars, you may be slowly harming your blog reputation, by accepting topics that are totally unrelated to what your blog was originally intended for.

For the sake of longer terms, if you want to retain your blog reputation intact the whole time, its good to know the purpose of your blog, what topics are acceptable and you are willing to include in your write ups, without harming your blog or site in the long run.

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