September 25, 2012

Why You Need A Video Marketing Strategy In YouTube

The online world has come a long way. Most of us used to be just an audience on telivision, watching tv shows and news stories prepared by journalists, film crews, etc. But that has changed dramatically with the worldwide popularity of the internet and the recent rise of video viewing in the internet. Most likely, nobody saw it coming that YouTube will become the second (2nd) largest search engine in the world, next to Google, which both, by the way is own by Google! Maybe in the beginning, YouTube was not originally intended as a search engine when they first come up of the idea, but YouTube definitely evolves into one because of the diversity of contents that are uploaded every single day into their system, and the huge amount of information in a wide variety of topics that that is available to the public across the globe. 

For many people, videos are far more entertaining and engaging than reading textbooks trying to learn something, new things, etc. In contrary to reading a big text book, by watching videos we can possibly absorb more information at such a short time because of the way information is being presented to its audience, by visual and sounds, which helps our minds retains information in our brains quicker because many of us are visual creatures and we can related images and sound with the information that is being delivered, making it a lot easier to remember and learn things.

Aside from the effective approach of videos to give your message across, the huge advantage of using video as a means of marketing your brand or company is that it is were the traffic is, especially in YouTube. The numbers of users have grown tremendously in such a short period of time, and it is just getting started. With the smartphones capability to be able to view quality videos nowadays and the huge demographic of people using smartphones, its only going to rise up the popularity of videos. 

And if your business use this statistics as your marketing advantage and get your message out to as many people as possible, having a video marketing strategy is probably a great investment to potentially grow your brand and your business. With YouTube, the viewers are there, and if you are not in YouTube, you are probably missing out on some good traffic that may help you and your business go up to the next level that you want your business to be. 

The opportunity is there for the taking, at the end of the day, it's all up to you if you take the opportunity or let it pass you by. What could be worse that could happen? Your competition is taking the opportunity, and you are not, and you are left behind.. Remember, you will not be seen in a room, that you choose not to be there, in order for people to see you, you need to be there and take your chances. 

It can take time, resources and some budget (or little budget) to come up with a video to put your presence in YouTube, and to start, you might need to invest in some internet marketing strategies and budget to make your video visible to as many people as possible especially in the beginning if you want to gain popularity faster. With a great video that could possibly go viral, the audience will definitely do the spreading for you, because when they like a video or when it catches their attention,  they will share it with their friends and family, gaining you more audience and viewers.

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