January 27, 2008

Why Comment Moderation Is Important

Few years ago, I managed an online forum related to the website that I managed as well, but I ended up discontinuing the forum part of it because of the spammers postings nothing but irrelevant advertising of their products and services, mostly fake rip-off handbags, prescriptions drugs, enhancement products, and more! And some of these postings were obviously done by automatic programs, also known as robotic spammers. And if you don't moderate your comments or guestbook sections of the blog or site, then you could possibly ended up with a lot of these entry junks, which is a huge turn-off for your site visitors and readers. If you cannot control the contents of your site or blog, specially when it comes to all the spams and junks added, then it wont be long when most of your human readers, who wanted to read your entries, will not stay when they have to deal with all kinds of unwanted spams.

So its important that all entries including your guestbook and comment entries must be moderated by a human being to make sure that everything that will be seen in your blog or site is something that you actually want to show to your readers and visitors. You don't want to damage your blog or site reputation due to the dirty works of spammers out there. Keep your site and blog as desirable as always, don't let unwanted postings crawl their way. That's why we have the option to moderate comments and guestbook entries, to have total control of all entries and hopefully keep it that way.

There are several extra measures that you can take to control all comments and entries to new heights like graphic verification, image identification, numerical operations questions, and more. All these require that the postie need to think and see or hear in order to determine the answer to the question or verification, that she/he can type the answer in the space provided to distinguish between what is human and what is automatic program.

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